Hamdan Sports Complex is closed on 14th – 17th June 2018 (Thursday to Sunday) for Eid         

HSC Dream Team
Mr.Kiriakos Giannopoulos
Spearheaded by the Managing Director, Mr.Kiriakos Giannopoulos, a 4-time Olympian Water Polo Player, the venue team consists of 11 core members, each of them expert in essential fields of running the daily operations of the complex.

Under his leadership, the team is extremely well-versed with the requirements of aquatic sports, from the mechanics of pools, rules and regulations of the sports complex, to scrutinizing security plans to ensure a smooth event for all. The team has also since expanded its expertise beyond the field of sports and become highly accommodative with demands of non-sports activities as it evolves.

Name Job Title Office No Email
Mr. Kiriakos Giannopoulos Managing Director - -
Ms. Tan Yen Chong Pool Supervisor +971 4 306 2666
Ms. Amna Jawad Administration Executive +971 4 306 2675
Mr. Saad Obaisi Chief Facilities and Project Engineer +971 4 306 2691
Mr. Abdalla Al Owghani Marketing Executive +971 4 306 2600
Mr. Ebrahim Hattawi Head of Security +971 4 306 2692
Mr. Mubarak Maulana Gym Supervisor +971 4 306 2661
Mr. Hashil Salim Delegate +971 4 306 2656