Our diving tank comes with diving platforms and springboards of varying heights, which are 10m, 7.5m, 5m, 3m and 1m. Having experts like DuDive that offers diving classes for both children and adults even on weekends, our diving tank has always been one of the busiest pools.

Just right behind the main diving pool, there is our convertible swimming pool with moveable floors which depth can be adjusted to a maximum of 5 meters for diving needs. Diving platforms are also equipped for back-to-back diving action.
For warm up exercises, trampoline and springboards are available at our dry land. With our full-fledge diving facilities at Hamdan Sports Complex, an extraordinary diving experience is guaranteed.

A little history on diving:

Long before diving was a competitive sport, people enjoyed jumping and leaping into water off of bridges, rocks and cliffs. During the 1800s, 'plunging' became popular. Competitions were held to see which diver could glide underwater the farthest after plunging head-first from various heights.

Hundreds of years later, diving has evolved into a unique athletic sport that requires skill, grace, courage and strength. It is a combination of gymnastics and ballet performed over water.


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